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Stop the Bleed

It is every parent’s worst nightmare.  How many times has one of your children tumbled from their bike onto the pavement, or decided that today is the day they can make and cut their own sandwich?  “Running with scissors” is more than just a saying.  Accidents happen and being as prepared as possible for any type of emergency is ingrained in the responsibility we, as a school corporation, take toward our students. 

Procedures and protocols are constantly reviewed and every advantage to learn more and be able to provide more safety and security for our students is taken.  Recently, Director of School Safety and Security, Michael O’Donnell coordinated a training session for 27 Hanover Community School Corporation staff members offered by Franciscan Alliance St. Anthony’s.  The “Stop the Bleed” protocol includes instruction on the use of tourniquets and other pressure dressings to aid in the control of bleeding. 

2 men with masks, certificate and bandage kit

Hanover Central High School teacher, Justin Denton receives his certification and a "Stop the Bleed" kit from Director of School Safety and Security, Michael O'Donnell after completing a course in the emergency use of tourniquets and other pressure dressings.  

While serious injuries are rare at school, preparing for any eventuality is essential.  “As a former EMT I know the importance of bleeding control. Although I have never had to apply a tourniquet I have had to deal with many wounds that have required direct pressure or bandaging over my thirty-year law enforcement career,” said Mr. O’Donnell. “With hospitals 15-20 minutes away, bleeding control is essential,” he added. 

woman and man with masks, certificate and bleed kit

Teacher, Michelle DeVlantis receives her bleed kit and certificate from Michael O'Donnell, Director of School Safety and Security.  Ms. DeVlantis was one of 10 members of the Hanover Central High School staff who completed the training.  Also receiving certificates and kits at the high school were:  Principal Tami Kepshire, Asst. Principal, Lori Bathurst, Dean of Students, David Arroyo, Nurse, Samantha Sons, Athletic Trainer, Amanda Rode, and teachers, Justin Denton, John Cotey, Brian Parker and Jacob Viehman.

The initial classroom training took place through a virtual meeting online. Participating staff members then completed an in-person skills session with Jennifer Homan a registered nurse with St. Anthony’s  and the official trainer for the “Stop the Bleed” program in Northwest Indiana. The skills assessment, completed in individual school buildings, required each staff member to deal with three types of wounds; a minor cut, a deep laceration and an arterial bleed.  “Seconds matter in an emergency situation and this training can help any of these individuals save a life,” said Mr. O’Donnell. In addition to the staff training, Jake Viehman, the Emergency Medical Services Instructor at Hanover Central High School is now certified as an instructor in “Stop the Bleed,” and extending this vital training to more teachers and staff is anticipated. 

5 women and one man in masks with certificates and bleed kits

At Jane Ball Elementary School teachers and staff receive their certifications and bleed kits.  Shown are (back row l to r): Tracey Lakomek, Janet Neitzel, Michael O'Donnell and Lesley Klauk.  In the front row are nurse, Kristen Monzel and school secretary, Kristen Donaldson.   

In addition to the training, “Stop the Bleed” kits have been placed in each building alongside the AED equipment, as well as in the classrooms and offices of each trained individual. The kits include lifesaving, easy-to-use tools and the safest and most effective pre-hospital tourniquet in the world, along with gauze, sheers, bandages and more. 

man and woman with masks and emergency medical equipment

Director of School Safety and Security, Michael O'Donnell and Hanover Community School Corporation Health Supervisor and HCHS nurse, Samantha Sons place one of bleed kits in an AED cabinet at the High School.  Kits and trained staff are now available in all Hanover schools.   

teacher and students in a classroom

Teacher Jake Viehman explains the "Stop the Bleed" kit to students in one of his emergency medical services classrooms.  


Staff trained at Hanover Central Middle School included:  Chris York, Rochelle Scalley. Elias Tsiakopoulos, Neylan Demoss, Carly Bermes and SRO Sergeant Moake.  Lincoln Elmentary School staff members receiving their certification were: Principal, Frank Zaremba, Nurse, Heather Gibson, Brittany Klomp, Cindy Rosinia, Bernadette Bray and Rachel Willy.  


“Once you are trained, you are trained for life,” said Mr. O’Donnell.  While we hope that the need never arises for the implementation of this training, peace of mind is real when readiness is a reality.