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Saying Goodbye

Where will future Hanover teachers come from?  We think we may have found someone who wants to fill that role at a party in Mel Reyes’ sixth grade classroom. 

For the past two months, Trenton Lee has been serving Hanover Central Middle School as a student teacher.  “The kids just love him,” said Mrs. Reyes.  “He’s young, he’s enthusiastic and he really got to know each one of the kids.  Even though he’s just across the hall I think they are going to miss him,” she added.

Saying Goodbye

As students begin to share milk and donuts, 6th grade teacher Mel Reyes watches out the window for a sign of student teacher, Trenton Lee.  

student with giant card

Student, Natalie Eckart holds the giant card signed by all the students that contains a teacher's dream reward, gift cards from all the places teachers shop!

inside of greeting card with gift cards

Inside the giant gift card for Mr. Lee

The feeling is mutual for Mr. Lee.  “I asked my professor if it was weird that I already miss these kids after being in another classroom for just a couple of day,” Mr. Lee said with a laugh.  “I’ve really enjoyed this classroom and student teaching has been like something I never expected.”  It’s not just Mrs. Reyes’ classroom Mr. Lee has enjoyed, but the Hanover system as well.  “There are really great administrators here and Principal Martin in particular has been very helpful.”  The experience has left Mr. Lee with not just a pleasant memory, but a future goal as well.  “I hope to find a job here at the Middle School,” he said.   

teacher with a donut

Mr. Lee also received a special donut from the students selected just for him!

Glowing praise for Mr. Lee didn’t just come from Mrs. Reyes, but from the student’s as well.  Together they signed and presented Mr. Lee with a giant thank you card filled with gift certificates.  “He did so much for us,” said sixth grader Natalie Eckart.  “He did a lot of projects, like our heritage project and food day and he made us laugh,” she added.  “It’s going to be weird with just Mrs. Reyes,” she said with a smile that just kept growing as she recalled the time Mr. Lee had spent with the students.

teacher with student

Mr. Lee joins his students for one last goodbye.

It bodes a bright future for Hanover schools when new young teachers filled with enthusiasm and a passion for education determine Hanover schools are where they want to be.  Mr. Lee, will complete his student teaching in the next six weeks across the hall in Mrs. Miller’s room where he will have the opportunity to interact with 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who will surely come to love him as much as the students in Mrs. Reyes’ class.