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Bravo and Well Done

“I’ve seen students gain new friends, confidence and accept responsibility that they would not experience if not for Drama Club,” said Club Sponsor and teacher, Alison Rushing following the Club’s final performance of the year. 

It was an amazing and entertaining presentation of “Trio, A Three Ring Circus Storybook of Tales!” by Lucy Williams.  The show was an adventure through a trilogy of classic storybook tales with a twist. 

“I thought ‘rewriting’ some fairy tales into a circus theme was super fun.  I also thought that the students would do a great job with this humorous play,” explained Ms. Rushing.  Her thespians may have been a bit skeptical at first; “I think they were a little hesitant because it was storybook fairy tales.  As they learned their lines and saw how the characters interacted, they started to really enjoy the process and end result,” she added. 

The evening was hosted by three ringmasters; “Beetle, Bartle and Bo,” portrayed by Amelia Ackerson, Savannah Glover and Abigail Wilk and included a trio of bouncy clowns that were a true delight to watch.  Cassidy Toole, Luca Edgemon and Mackinsey Perreault as the clowns, made everyone laugh as they raced on stage as performers and crew members. 

three girls with top hats

Beetle, Bartle and Bo, a.k.a., Amelia Ackerson, Savannah Glover and Abigail Wilk

girls in clown costumes and boy with pop gun

A funny moment when clowns, Cassidy Toole, Luca Edgemon and McKinsey Perreault interact with Peter, played by Stephen Jackson.

Each fairytale included bits of entertainment not found in the traditional children’s version of the stories.  Watching Mama Bear, played by Kylie Veronie try to convince the timid Papa Bear played by Anniyah Casey and Baby Bear, adorably played by Sophia Hillebold, not to be afraid of bugs was definitely laugh worthy!

three kids with faces painted like bears

Baby Bear (Sophia Hillebold), Mama Bear (Kylie Veronie) and Papa Bear (Anniyah Cosey) have a conversation about bugs.

girl yelling

Lyndsey Walters made the perfect Goldilocks!

Listening to Moira Liput, as the Mama Pig, in the classic Three Little Pigs, tell her babies portrayed by Mackenzie Eastling, Brooke Bloomquist and Angelina Arvia to; “Go out into the world and make your own life,” was particularly appropriate for the Middle School crowd. 

girls with pig ears and noses

Mama Pig, portrayed by Moira Liput has a 'life chat' with her children; Mackenzie Eastling, Brooke Bloomquist and Angelina Arvia.

girls in tutu and pig nose

These pigs could do circus tricks!

Every goat in Three Billy Goats Gruff went beyond what we might think of as a normal goat.  There was a four-legged, two headed strongman goat, played by Mary Toole and McKenna Williams, a bearded lady goat, played by Tabitha Conley, that showed us just how creative the Club could be with costuming, and a mini goat featuring Julia Mehok and Mallory Harris. 

girls pretending to be goats

Some very funny goats!

Milo Schlesinger played dual roles as both the big bad Wolf, and the Troll and Peter was portrayed by Stephen Jackson, complete with an authentic mountain man hat. 

two boys and one girl on stage

Stephen Jackson and Milo Schlesinger interact on stage

boy and girl taking bow

Red Riding Hood, Shannon Nelson takes a bow with Stephen Jackson

“We have just two gentlemen in Drama Club,” explained Ms. Rushing, “so we had to adjust the script and have some of our ladies play male parts.  They were awesome and rose to the challenge!”

This was the second offering of the Drama Club during its inaugural year.  “Our second performance had some easier moments, but mostly it posed more challenges for myself and the students.  The first performance was based on poetry turned into monologues.  “Trio” was a dialogue play which required students to work closer and react to the other actors.  It also required more props and stage direction,” noted Ms. Rushing. 

There is no doubt that the Drama Club’s first year was a success and “Trio” was a memorable performance.  Ms. Rushing attributes the Club’s success and great final performance to the club members.  “The students really wanted this and put forth an amazing effort at every rehearsal.  Attendance, communication and effort was awesome among this group of students.  All of their hard work paid off with a successful performance.”

Drama Club will be back again next year and Ms. Rushing is pleased that after two performances the funds raised will be used to continue to build the Drama Club with the addition of more props and costumes.  “We will also be able to continue to perform longer and more challenging plays,” said Ms. Rushing.

To the entire cast, crew and Ms. Rushing we add our own Bravo and Well Done!

group of kids on stage