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Chair-ish The Children

For the second consecutive year, 6th and 8th grade art students and the Hanover Central Middle School Art Club participated in the annual “Chair-ish the Children” Art Project sponsored by Prevent Child Abuse Lake County. 

chair with planets and stars on it

The chair designed and entered by Hanover Central Middle School students and Art Club members vividly depicts a NASA/space theme.

The “CHAIRish the Children” Art Project invites students in Lake County middle and high school art programs to participate by designing a child sized chair that artistically represents what it means to be a child and to be cherished.  The designs are asked to reflect thoughts about children, childhood, and what children mean to the future of our world.

This year, seven middle schools entered more than 14 chairs, and a total of 20 schools participated with 84 chairs competing.  The one-of-a-kind chairs were auctioned off during the reception with proceeds going to assist with future child abuse prevention programming by Prevent Child Abuse Lake County Indiana. 

highly decorated chairs

The personality of the chairs was as varied as the personalities of the children that designed them.

During the reception, a panel of local artists and teachers judged the chairs and awarded Hanover Central Middle School the third place prize.  Students participating received a medal and the art program at the Middle School received a $50.00 prize. 

picture of an art medal

The students will each receive this medal for their work on the chair submission.

The 16 students at Hanover Central Middle School who participated in creating the chair were also required to answer what children mean to the future of our world, and how their thoughts were reflected in the space themed chair they designed.  “We love space and hope to travel there in the future,” they explained.  “We are inspired by the night sky.”  Participating in the contest were:  Hallie Anderson, Avelina Arce, Adam Conlon, Dane Griner, Lauren Hernandez, Max Jarvis, Nick Jones, Mihailo Marjanovic, Jack Miller, Jerome Murphy, Zeke Owen, Kolton Perz, Jacob Raccio, Landon Sarkey, Calvin St. Pierre and Kaylen Wright. 

children with medals