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Effort and Achievement

“This is a great program that I took advantage of,” said Principal Tom Martin who received 100 vouchers for two tickets to a Chicago White Sox game at Guaranteed Rate Field.  The “Good Grades Program” is designed to reward student academic effort and achievement and is made available to schools in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. 

man behind desk

Principal Martin is pleased with how easy the "Good Grades" program is and loves the special benefit it offers students who have put forth great effort and achieved success.

“This is a very generous offer and great opportunity for kids, many of whom may never have been to a major league baseball game,” stated Mr. Martin.  “…and it doesn’t hurt that they’re my team,” he added with a laugh.  The tickets, which are given, free of charge, to participating schools have an approximate retail value of $2400.  There are three dozen dates for students and their guest to choose from over the course of the summer. 

 logo for good grades program

Mr. Martin asked teachers in 5TH, 6TH, 7TH and 8TH grade to select students based on academic effort and achievement to receive the tickets.  “I didn’t want this to be just for straight ‘A’ students, though it’s fine if they were included.  I wanted teachers to have a chance to recognize students who either put forth a great effort, or who have made great improvement this year.” 

group of kids with certificates

Vouchers for White Sox tickets were passed out at lunchtime to every grade level, including this group of 8th graders.

Teachers submitted the names to Mr. Martin over the course of a week and the tickets were passed out at lunchtime.  Students who received the vouchers are:

8th grade

Jenna Foley

Audry Revlett

Mattea Beilke

Jayden Stutsman

Madison Cope

Madelyn Denklau

Riley Kelly

Daniel Erickson

Alex Haskins

Austin Hernandez

Genevieve D’Asto

Ethan Marsiglio

Joey Donato

Ethan Parnell

Isaac Coleman

Ashley Aliaga

Zoe Gineris

Porter Hemminger

Dara Barach

Matt Larsen

Owen Rettig

Nate Fortener

Ainslie Hoelter

Megan Moloney

Amanda Noel

7th grade

Mason Wargo

Caleb Baer

Emelia Marsiglio

Kaitlyn Biegel

Andrea Sealey

Parker Wetherspoon

Paige Kasmir

Brianna Lessner

Mandy Revlett

Zach Sulek

Brenna Pacheco

Jack Donovan

Trinity Evans

Jacob Viehman

Gabi Comia

Lindsey Schneider

Kyler Beilman

Genevieve Swiderski

Haley Brennan

Abby Baughman

Joey Krumdieck

Anthony Roach

Kaydence Perreault

Dylan Carley

Ethan Goodlander

6th grade

Olivia Bachar

Natalie Eckart

Ava Vanderhye

Patrick Juchniewicz

Gage Rodriguez

Shannon Nelson  

Henry Mauer

Ava Perez

Bella Kopec

Dominic Capretti

Sienna Antkiewicz

Jacob Edwards

Jordan Erickson

Aubrey Flood

Olivia Hernandez

Sarah Robinson

Bianca Bomar

Jenna Brewer

McKenzie Iverson

Adam Conlon

Milo Schlesinger

Julian Conchola

Amanda Erickson

5th Grade

Alexandria Guffey

Brooklyn Oostman

Katelynn Elder

Amaya Richardson

Olivia Vallow

Chase Steinkamp

Rylen Keene

Emily Pratt

Annalyn Steifel

Tyler Dewar

Chloe Payne

Dorothy Leep

Landon Huseman

Kaila Taylor

Karyli McKay

Jordan Asche

Reagan Tryner

Luke Kopec

Evan Brooks