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We Believe!

Students in Linda Novitski’s Kindergarten classroom at Jane Ball were eager to climb aboard the Polar Express in the middle of their classroom.  While Mrs. Novitski’s students in years past have had the opportunity to share “Polar Express Day,” this year there was a huge new surprise.  The obviously very talented Mr. Novitiski designed and built a brand new Polar Express engine for the enthusiastic student conductors to enjoy. 

Miniature Polar Express Train

What a delight for's a miniature replica of the Polar Express train built by Mrs. Novitski's husband!

There can be no better holiday tradition than a day devoted to the message of the Polar Express and celebrating that day by drinking hot chocolate in your pajamas alongside your teacher and classroom assistant.  Mrs.  Novitiski’s students did just that and more.  They each received a ticket to the Polar Express, got a chance to sit inside the magical and shiny black train, enjoyed snacks and completed several learning exercises that proved too much fun to even realize they were learning.

students drinking hot chocolate and watching the Polar Express

Classroom Assistant, Lori Casten makes sure all of the little conductors have plenty of hot chocolate while watching The Polar Express.

Students matched descriptions of scenes in the movie to photographs, cut apart and re-assembled a Polar Express puzzle and more. 

Board with pictures and captions

Even the learning part of the day was fun as students matched scenes from the movie with the appropriate dialogue.

Oh, and yes, they each had bells to ring to find out if visitors could hear them.  Only those that can hear the bell truly believe!

students in pajamas and conductor hats ringing bells

With their conductor hats on and bells ringing students just had two questions?  

students eating snacks and  talking

Can you hear the bell?  Do you Believe?

Eva Deenik

Eva Deenik heard the bells:  "I believe in Christmas and presents and visiting my other grandma."