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Bugs and Knots and Summer Camp

As campers at Jane Ball Elementary School, also known as cast members of the fifth grade musical “Summer Camp,” performed for the entire student body, one thing stuck out, the quality of their singing and the clarity of their voices.  Music teacher, Citlalli Lindsey clearly focused on making sure the words and music weren’t lost on either the student body on May 2nd or the parent audience on May 3rd.

teacher with students

Music teach Citlalli Lindsey proudly stands with her students following their performance of "Summer Camp"

Bianca Bomar, played Bonnie Blogger who led the audiences through the awkward feelings first experienced by campers, who weren’t even sure they wanted to participate in the camp experience, let alone share it with other.

girl with microphone

Bianca Bomar as "Bonnie Blogger"

When Lindsey Walters, as a Camp Counselor, told her campers to “Drop and give me ten,” she was convincing enough that you might have expected some adults to hit the floor.  Certainly the face of camper Otto Eenigenberg was enough to let you know these campers weren’t exactly thrilled to be a part of Camp Runamok. 

girl in hat with microphone

Lindsey Walters gave a very 'commanding' performance as the Camp Director

Not all of the camp activities were quite as demanding as the “Hoo Hah” pushups.  There was an amazing array of critters that campers had to deal with including, parading lady bugs, army ants, and of course spiders.  Griffin Jakubowski was a bear who made us laugh with his portrayal that was , well a bit more silly than scary. 

boy in bear suit

Emcee Owen Lahm next to Griffin Jakubowski the bear

Students and parents quickly caught on that “Camper Knot,” portrayed by Colleen Donaldson knew how to tie knots…lots and lots of knots.

kids around campfire

Around the campfire: (l to r) Bianca Bomar, Kairi Gossett, Luis Duran, and the queen of knots, Colleen Donaldson 

boy with microphone sitting next to girl

Bob and Carol played by Sam Sanchez & Madissyn Sheehy are ready for a parade

girls dress like ladybugs

Camp Runamok Ladybugs (in alphabetical order):  Malia Barrett, McKenna Edmaiston, Cali Hunley, Rhyanna Morgan, Molly Sikma and Cassidy Toole.

two boys with hands up

Richard Christakes and Mitchell Remaly made very convincing spiders...the sunglasses were indeed a special touch!

In between the parades, and pushups, campfires and talent shows, the cast sang eight different songs that helped the audience understand how the campers made the transition from feeling like reluctant camp cast aways for a week, to truly happy campers who made new friends, learned new skills…and of course could tie a know or two.

little boy roasting marshmellows

You can see by the look on Otto Eenigenburg's face that he has realized Camp Runamok is a pretty special place to be!

“I am proud of the efforts and dedication that the 5th graders put forth to make this Musical a great show for the audience,” said Principal Ryan Eckart.  “I am also continually impressed with the job Mrs. Lindsey has done in her role this year as our Music teacher.  She holds the students to high expectations when it comes to performing and it has paid off!”

two girls singing

Helping make the performance of Summer Camp truly special were the dozens of students, like Ava Perez and Luca Edgemon, whose voices rang out true and clear on every song.