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It Was Time for Talent

Students at Jane Ball Elementary School celebrated the end of the year by sharing their unique talents and gifts at the annual Talent Show.  From comedy, to song, to traditional and unique instruments, to dance and everything in between, twenty-five students entertained, made us laugh and quite simply amazed us!

Prior to the show, eight Kindergarten through Second grade students with perfect attendance were recognized for being in school each and every day.

eight children with certificates

(L to R):  Riley Brown, Bradley Kotecki, Abbey Brennan, Adrianna Brown, Christoffer Duran, Katherine Kotecki, Diane Ojeda and Savannah Toigo

From Kindergarten through 5th grade the show reminded us that our students often enjoy activities outside of school that we know nothing about.  It’s just a glimpse of how far and wide reaching the student population’s interest reach.  The show allows students to share those interests with their classmates, parents and guests.

This year’s show kicked off with fifth grader, Damon Larson playing the piano and was followed by a unique Hula-Hoop routine by second grade friends Emma Hoskin and Anna Hune.

boy playing piano

Damon Larson

hula hoop girls

Emma Hoskin and Anna Huhn

Lyndsey Walters gave a hauntingly beautiful performance of "Little Do You Know" and Kindergarten student Sophia Flores tap danced her way through “Sweet Home Chicago,” looking like a pint sized ‘Blues Brother.’ First grader, Saratu Mutuwa showed off a unique academic ability to recite her ‘ABC’s’ backwards.

girl singing

Lyndsey Walters

girl in sunglasses with hat

Sophia Flores

girl singing

Saratu Matuwa

Althea Zinmer, an amazingly flexible and talented third grader performed a gymnastics routine, while the creative Donaldson sisters, Colleen (5th grade) and Claire (3rd grade) reprised Colleen’s “Camper Knot” character from the annual school musical, adding their own, ‘sisterly twist’ to the performance.

girl doing flip

Althea Zinmer

girl tying up sister

Colleen and Claire Donaldson

Third grader Erika Schneider sang, “A Thousand Years,” while 1st grader Natalie Miller introduced students to the ukulele.  Her classmate, Emy Ortiz performed a Mexican dance, but this year took to the stage alone without her sister who is now at the Middle School. 

girl singing

Erika Schneider

girl with ukelele

Natalie Miller

girl in Mexican dress

Emy Ortiz

Friends, Sarah, Ella, Mila, Briana and Lily wowed us with their incredibly adorable tumbling time done to the familiar, “Peanut Butter, Jelly Time, and Sophia Hillebold followed their act with her rendition of the Sara Bareilles classic, “Brave.”

five girls dancing

Ella, Sarah, Briana, Mila and Lily 

girl singing

Sophia Hillebold

The always funny, Owen Lahm made his last performance as a comedic fifth grader and will surely be missed at next year’s event.  In spite of several technical glitches in her music, 4th grader Kennedy Herman gave a simply stunning lyrical dance performance, which proved dance is truly her passion.

boy telling jokes

Owen Lahm

girl dancing

Kennedy Herman

4 people trying to figure out phone

OOPS...technical difficulties.  Principal Eckart steps in to help out Mrs. Caffarini, Mrs. Kepshire and Kennedy.

Sisters Autumn (2nd grade) and Addison (K) both performed on the piano and were followed by 2nd grader Maci Hoskin’s Pom Pom routine to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” that had the whole front row dancing in their seats. 

profile of girl

Autumn Strode

girl playing piano

Addison Strode

girl with pom poms

Maci Hoskin

5th grader, Louis Campechano sang an example of Mexican folk song that uses narrative and poetry to form a ballad.  Louis was followed by third grader Greg Sheppard who offered a little fun with magic and a friend. 

boy singing

Luis Campechano

boy doing magic

Greg Sheppard

Josh Edwards and Mason Burdan, both 2nd graders, offered up a unique costumed dance that the K-2 audience loved!  They were followed by Raphael Stanek’s awesome piano playing and Camden Tigner’s amazing ability to sing “Had me at Hello,” with just the right emotion, not easy for a 3rd grader. Aiden Mulcahy tried his hand at comedy, earning more that a few laughs along the way.

two boys with teachers last technical glitch

boys laughing

Mason Burdan and Josh Edwards

boy beside piano

Raphael Stanek

boy singing

Camden Tigner

boy singing

Aiden Mulcahy

The show finished off with two unique acts.  Braulio Corral and Joey Garza performed a Jiu Jitsu demonstration that had students gasping and the finale dance routine of Whip/Nae Nae by Anthony, Lucas and Savannah Toigo caused quite a stir as they performed dressed as Star Wars characters.

boys doing martial arts

Braulio Corral and Joey Garza

kids on stage in star wars costumes

Anthony, Savannah and Lucas Toigo

It was a great show from beginning to end, and emcee teacher Dawn Kepshires and sound assistant, Julie Caffarini just might have second careers as hosts of a reality talent show. Congratulations to all of the performers…GREAT way to end the school year.