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Welcome Back

Welcome Back Jane Ball Lions!

We are preparing for a great year at Jane Ball Elementary.  Our staff has been busy cleaning and updating the school, as well as setting up classrooms and learning spaces.  The beginning of the year is exciting for everyone as we see familiar and new faces walk through our front doors.  We are going to have a fantastic year of learning and fun at Jane Ball.

This year will be our first year as a Kindergarten through Fourth grade school.  This will bring some changes and will take some getting used to for all of us. We will look to our 4th graders to become  leaders in our building in everything they do. These students have been with us the longest and they know how to model great behavior and success.  

We love our time with our students and are always working to make sure they are safe and happy at Jane Ball.  We value each child and the experiences they bring to the school environment. Excitement and encouragement will be fostered everyday at Jane Ball.

Reading is the cornerstone for learning.  We will work to encourage all children to read every day both in and out of school.  Students will be given opportunities to read for many purposes at school. Starting as young as Kindergarten, we will begin to build a love of reading and learning at Jane Ball with our students.

We hope you take some time to get to know our school.  If you are new to the area or a returning family that is very familiar with us, please visit often and follow us on social media.  We are often sharing stories on the Jane Ball page of the district website:, on our Facebook page (Jane Ball Elementary) and on Twitter search: #myjblions.  

Our students have a story to tell about their education, and we will work to give them a platform to share daily happenings at Jane Ball.

I encourage you to ask your child and their teacher for information sent home from school about current events and activities throughout the year.  If, at anytime, you need to contact me with questions or concerns please call (219) 374-3700 or email me at

Thank you for sharing your children with us each day, we cherish this opportunity you have given us.  


Mr. Ryan Eckart

Principal, Jane Ball Elementary School