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Third- and fourth- graders spent Monday at Cedar Lake participating in a Dunes Learning Center field trip. They learned about canoeing and water conservation.  The students spent about two hours learning about birds, wildlife and water safety. They also spent some time learning about canoeing and  got to experience it firsthand.

students holding paddles Third-graders learn how to use the paddles before they go into the canoe.


Each grade spent two hours in very warm temperatures at the lake.  Members of Wilderness Inquiry talked to the students about canoeing and water safety. They made it educational yet very fun for all the students.  The third graders learn about the history of Cedar Lake and were fascinated with the lesson.

students in canoe

And they're off!! The Jane Ball students work as a team to paddle across the  lake.


Nicole Turpy from Wilderness Inquiry talked to the children about working together as a team.
“I will steer the boat and we will work as a team paddling,” she said.

The third-graders loved being in the canoe and didn’t seem to show any fear. They all thought it was hard work paddling the canoes but it did “help build muscles.”

students in canoe

The students check the water temperature with their hands.


The students learned how to paddle, going forward and backward, and how to turn the canoe 180 degrees and 360 degrees.

students in canoe Students realize the water is not that warm!


They also learned that team work means paying attention and listening to the leaders of the canoe.

Naomi Barrett, 8, loved being in the canoe.

girl holding up a sign

The students learn about a variety of birds through a Dunes Learning Center guide.

“I like canoeing,” she said. “I like when we did the 360. I would love to go back canoeing.”

Abbey Brennan also liked being in the canoe. “It was fun,” she said.

girls sitting on ground

The third-graders learn about various beaks of birds and how they adapt to picking up food.