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Missing Each Other

The end of the 2020 school year was a disappointment for many and as spring turned to summer it was particularly hard on students and teachers.  It was hard not to feel a sense of loss at never having had the opportunity to say goodbye.

The bonds between teachers and students are often formed early and last a lifetime.  As those bonds were brusquely interrupted, some students felt compelled to continue to share with their teachers.  Drew Miller is one such student, a first grader at Jane Ball Elementary School, who missed his teacher and kept in touch via email. 

little boy with board game

Drew Miller loved playing board games with his father, but really missed his teacher, Dawn Kepshire.  

“It was a joy to teach Drew.  He is such a kind boy and caring classmate,” said Mrs. Kepshire.  “His whole family makes education a priority in their lives,” added Mrs. Kepshire who had the pleasure of teaching Drew’s sister Adelyn several years ago.  Drew’s grandmother, Anne Weingart, a retired North Newton school teacher, volunteered in his class and read to the students weekly before the school year abruptly ended.

While school remained in session, but students were separated from their teachers, Drew participated in all the Zoom meetings Mrs. Kepshire held.  “He would always greet his friends and ask how they are doing.  His email messages always included a note about how much he missed school,” explained Mrs. Kepshire.  Drew continued his studies independently by participating in a computer resource called Raz Kids.

Bonds aren’t broken, even when they are stretched for a time.  Mrs. Kepshire was able to participate in a drive by birthday celebration for Drew and was invited to enjoy a piece of cake in his driveway. 

teacher and boy with baseball

Teacher Dawn Kepshire was able to attend a Cedar Lake Cubs baseball game where Drew Miller received a special honor.

More recently, as life very slowly begins to return to a new normal, Mrs. Kepshire was able to watch both the Cedar Lake Cubs and Cedar Lake Sparks play baseball.  The teams include many former students, including Drew, who was awarded the game ball on a perfect night of hitting and reconnecting with his teacher Mrs. Kepshire. 

teacher with girl student

Mrs. Kepshire ran into multiple students at Cedar Lake ball games including,  Alyssa Newcomb.  Alyssa was in Mrs. Kepshire's class two years ago and currently plays with the Cedar Lake Sparks.

While Hanover students, families and staff all struggle to find their way to a new school year, life goes on, and happy moments can still be found.  Mrs. Kepshire awaits the return of school and new bonds yet to be formed but has enjoyed lots of time with family and special moments. 

boy with woman on his back on beach

Mrs. Kepshire with her son Ryan on the beach last week where she joined him and his fiance for engagement pictures.

Hanover is a family and when we are mindful of that, we can smile and be grateful for the opportunities that bring us together.