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Signing and Smiling

As Covid-19 began to affect every aspect of our lives, there were a few areas where the facts and beliefs of the Hanover Community School Corporation never wavered.  All Hanover students, be they in-person or eLearners, are Hanover kids.  Not a single decision was made that didn’t recognize the ultimate decision to return to in-person classes or eLearn at home belonged to each family, and family is a bedrock hallmark of Hanover schools.

While the eLearning curriculum specifics weren’t known until after registration, Hanover schools quickly committed to making sure every eLearner had what they needed to continue their education.  It wasn’t difficult at the middle school and high school level, because students have, for several years, kept their Chromebooks with them.  For our elementary school students, Hanover Chromebooks at home is a new experience.  Many elementary students had access to a family laptop, or an individual tablet, but to ensure the safety of our students and to provide critical access to the programs necessary for eLearning, elementary students needed a school issued Chromebook.  There is a process, tried and true, for checking out Chromebooks.  Last week, students from Jane Ball experienced that process first hand.

little girl signing document at desk

A part of the process of checking out Chromebooks includes student signatures on a Chromebook Parent/Student agreement. Zoey Kranick takes on a mighty task for such a tiny person.  

When designed, no one expected our littlest learners would be signing the agreements, but sign they did, taking every ounce of their tiny hands, and the unlimited capacity of their minds, to understand that the Chromebooks will be an important part of their education as the 2020-2021 school year begins. 

“Our office staff was delighted to see our students picking up their Chromebooks and signing them out,” said Jane Ball Principal, Ryan Eckart.  “The students were excited to be back in the building and are ready to take on a new year of learning.  We can’t wait to start connecting with our students this year,” explained Mr. Eckart.

boy and girl signing documents Siblings, Ryan Hayes, a second grader and Megan Hayes, a 3rd grader sign their Parent/Student Chromebook Agreements.  

Principal Eckart knows that the learning this year will be different, whether students are in the building or in their homes.  Teachers and staff are adjusting to new procedures and protocols, but that one thread of feeling, like a family, will not change.  “We are excited for our students to be returning to school, whether it be in-person or through eLearning.  Our teachers are working hard to connect with kids in both new and traditional ways in this new era.”

little boy signing documents while parents watch

It was hard not to giggle when even Kindergarten students, like Zain Todd with this parents alongside, stepped up to sign their agreements, but it was easy to feel a sense of pride knowing that all Jane Ball students are eager to get the school year started. 

women standing at counter

Welcome back JB Lions and all members of the Hanover family.