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Triple AAA Awards

Applause, Applause, Applause


The stars came out for the Triple AAA Awards and for many it was their last time to share the big stage.  Shown are:  Top Row (l to r) - Anna Zurisk, Noah McWilliams, Brianna Dingey, Alex Gesiakowski, Lela Verduin, Emma Frey, Lynda Hinojosa, Jose Capetillo, Lauren Buchanan, Hope Johansen, Leslie Lewis, Nerissa Fezler, Payton Sawaska, and Ariana Arce.  Bottom Row (l to r)  -  Rachel Mace, Courtney Gray, Lexi Gremp, Chris Zurisk, Ryland Babusiak, Jared Kortokrax, Robert Chavez,  and Allison Graves. 
Triple AAA no. 2  
 Winning for Best Supporting Actress in 'Happy Days,' was Rachel Mace, photographed on the red carpet with Alex Gesiakowski
Triple AAA no. 3  
 All Award Winners,  Ryland Babusiak (Best Actor - Rest Assured), Allison Graves (Best Actress - Yearbook) and, Chris Zurisk (Best Actor - Happy Days).

The Triple ‘AAA’ Awards have nothing to do with servicing disabled automobiles and everything to do with recognizing the exceptional talent shown by members of the Hanover Central Thespian Society.  The awards are Hanover’s version of a Tony given for outstanding Broadway productions and performances.  Thespian Society Sponsor Stephan Gustas looks forward to the awards every year, but doesn’t enjoy saying goodbye to his seasoned, Senior Stars.

“I’m already crying and it gets harder every year,” said Mr. Gustas.  It was especially hard this year with the Society enjoying the talents of a plethora of seniors. 
The talent during the 2015-2016 school year was something very special.  “What this group did is equal to a small community theater production, and I am very proud of them and don’t want them to leave,” he said.  He is extremely pleased that Senior, Lexi Gremp will continue to grow her theater skills in college as her chosen field.

If Mr. Gustas has a single aspiration for the Thespian Society next school term, it’s to grow membership.  “I would really love to see more students get involved, not just on stage, but on the technical side as well,” he added.  He is equally excited about the Building Trades students becoming involved and looks forward to their contribution to future productions. 

“There are so many things students can do and ways to get involved that they may not even know about,” explained Mr. Gustas and he’s  hoping that students will take the time to investigate the opportunities available.

As for the Triple ‘AAA’ awards, they are a night of celebration and silliness, a night of tributes and tears and a time to say goodbye and job well done.



Best Actor: Noah McWilliams

Best Actress: Allison Graves

Best Supporting Actor:  Ryan Seniw

Best Supporting Actress: Lauren Buchanan


Best Actor: Ryland Babusiak

Best Actress: Lexi Gremp

Best Supporting Actor: Jared Kortokrax

Best Supporting Actress:  Courtney Gray


 Best Actor: Chris Zurisk

Best Actress: Hannah Buckner

Best Supporting Actor: Jose Capetillo

Best Supporting Actress: Rachel Mace

Funniest Character: Jose Capetillo

Best Dancer: Leslie Lewis

Additional Awards Presented:

 Best Techie:  Kyle Wilson

Worst Costume: Lauren Buchanan as Mrs. Frink (Rest Assured)

Best Costume:  Lauren Buchanan as Mrs. Frink (Rest Assured)