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The Stars Came Out

For members of the Hanover Central Thespian Society, 2017 was a memorable and ambitious year.  The talented students who typically present two selections each year, took on the daunting task of performing not only the expected show in November, “The Nitwits,” and the spring musical, “High School Musical 2,” but a number of student written and directed Productions as well, including; “The 9 Worst Breakups of All Times,” “Good Cop Bad Cop,” and “A One Woman Show.” 

Members of Thespian Society  
Members of the Hanover Central Thespian Society at Triple "AAA" Awards 

At the end of each year, many current and past members of the Thespian Society gather to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and award those whose efforts stood out.  It’s a night of bittersweet celebration for seniors who gather with their stage partners for the final time and a night of anticipation for those who look forward to the 2017-2018 season and more moments to shine. 

 Teacher and students rolling out red carpet

It's almost time!  The red carpet is put into place.  
Cynthia Singlton  
Our own 'Diane Sawyer' a.k.a. Cynthia Singleton arrives to interview stars on the red carpet. 
Students talking on stage  
Inside the auditorium, some of the biggest stars can be found talking on stage!    
Noah McWilliams and Ashley Owen  
Is it Clark Gable and Audrey Hepburn?'s our own Noah McWilliams and Ashley Owen 
 Arianna Arce and Nerissa Fezler  
What would a night of glamour be without the lovely stars of stage and screen, Arianna Arce and Nerissa Fezler!  
Mr. Gustas hugging Allison Graves  
A night where former members and current stars come together.  Hugs from Mr. Gustas for Allison Graves. 
 Students in auditorium for awards
The excitement builds as the moment approaches for the awards to be announced.
2017 Thespian Society Officers  
2017 Thespian Society Officers take the stage as a group for the final time:  (l to r)  Laila Verduin, Anna Zurisk, Brianna Dingey, Ian Buckner, Courtney Grey, Alex Gesiakowski.
 This year’s Triple “AAA” Awards went to: 

 Best Actor

               Nitwits: Ian Buckner

               Student Run Productions: Noah McWilliams

               High School Musical 2: Jose Capetillo

 Best Actress

               Nitwits: Brianna Dingey

               Student Run Productions: Ashley Owen

               High School Musical 2: Anna Zurisk

 Best Newcomer

  Katie Anderson

Best Techie

 Ryan Taylor

Best Costume

  Ryan Seniw – The Nitwits

Worst Costume

               Brianna Taborski – the bear – 9 Worst Breakups of All Time

Best Choreographer

 Jose Capetillo

Best Dancer

Jose Capetillo

New Officers:

President: Anna Zurisk

Vice-President: Noah McWilliams

Secretary: Katie Anderson

Treasurer: Lynda Hinojosa

Publicity: Michael Karpik

Historian: Cole Schultz