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It's Your Time to Grow

Close your eyes and blink, and Homecoming, 2018 was over.  A very special time of year for our students, this year's homecoming theme; "It's your time to grow," celebrated the four seasons of the year.  It began on Monday with the judging of the Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman hallways.  While every hallway looked amazing, the Senior hallway took the top prize.

picture of a decorated hallway

Staying true to their 'summer' theme, the HCHS Seniors took the top prize for hallway decorating

All week long students celebrated Spirit days.  On Monday you could find teachers and students dressed for the decades.  On Tuesday, some vary tacky tourists took over the school.  On Wednesday, their was no shortage of cowboys and cowgirls as the student body celebrated western day.  Thursday was class day and Friday found the Hanover colors on nearly every student!

kids in western garb

Western Day found the halls of Hanover Central High School filled with cowboys and cowgirls...In alphabetical order are:  Jake Carstenson, Jodi DiGiovanni, Norah Heeter, Brylle Reasol and Jacob Schuldes

kids in togas

Getting in the spirit on Class Day are:  (l to r) - Brylle Reasol, Rebecca Oliver, Sydney Maciejewski, Ariana Arce and Connor Belin.

On Wednesday, the Hanover Central Marching Pride led off the Homecoming Parade that featured Wildcat teams and the Homecoming Court.  Following the parade, Seniors, Juniors, Freshman/Sophomore girls competed in a Powder Puff football game.  Congratulations to the victorious Juniors!

kids with band instruments

Members of the Pride ready to march! 

girls in pink playing flag football

A great Powder Puff game.  Congrats to the Juniors!

On Friday, the Spirit Games once again brought the kind of excitement and volume that has become a hallmark of Homecoming week.  Students competed in the Mummy Wrap, Tricycle Race, Scavengener Hunt, Hungry Hippos, Tug of War and Musical Chairs.  By the end of the afternoon Seniors had a lot to celebrate as they came out on top.

kids with instruments

Once again, the Pride led off the celebration!

Cheerleading Pyramid

...and the HC Cheerleaders kept the spirit alive.

kids cheering

Students cheer for their peers during Spirit Day festivities.

Friday night, the Hanover Central Wildcats faced off against Boone Grove, and while not getting the victory they played hard and represented HCHS heart and determination.  At halftime the Homecoming Court was introduced and the King and Queen announced.  Here's a look at our 2018 Court and King Sam Momcilovic and Queen Alexis Rapacz.

little boy and little girl

Jr. Court members Bradley Kotecki and Lily Denvit from Jane Ball Elementary School.

boy and girl with sashes

Freshmen, Charlie Watson and Madison Graves

boy and girl wearing sashes

Sophomores, Jacob Schulman and Neveah Govert

boy and girl wearing sashes

Juniors, Kyle Anderson and Jessica Meier

boy and girl with sashes

Seniors, Daniel Austgen and Madison Miller

boy and girl wearing sashes

Seniors, Dillon Koontz and Morgan Curtis

boy and girl wearing sashes

Seniors, Evan Momcilovic and Madison Fanta

boy and girl wearing sashes

Seniors, Keith Koontz and Norah Heeter

boy and girl wearing sashes

Matteo Montalvo and Ana Momcilovic

boy and girl wearing sashes

King Sam Momcilovic and Queen Alexis Rapacz

girl putting crown on another girls head

Alexis is crowned by 2017 Queen Katie Anderson as 2017 King James De Lange and the Junior Court Members look on.   

Saturday night the end of Homecoming week was celebrated with the traditional Homecoming Dance in a gym adorned with seasonal decorations.  It's hard to say goodbye to Homecoming, but we do so with an appreciation of our student body and their enthusiasm.  A special thanks to teachers, Steve Gustas and Jessalyn Ayers, who organized this years events.

two girls looking shocked

You mean it's over?!?!