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Every Day Matters

As schools across the Hanover system celebrated “College Go Week,” with special messages and dress up days, the sophomore class at Hanover Central High School got an eye opening look at why this year is especially important for them.

women handing out book

As sophomores filed into the auditorium they received PSAT workbooks and "Learn More," a publication for freshmen and sophmores from the Indiana Department of Education and Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

Guidance Counselors, Ryan Adamski and Monica Nelson, prepared a twenty-minute presentation sure to make students think.  “Your Senior year is not the year to think about college or your future.  The time is right here, right now,” said Mr. Adamski.

picture of a projection screen

Sophomores and Juniors will be taking the PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) on October 10th and Ryan Adamski outlined why taking the test is important and why it is even more important to do well.  He explained that the PSAT is a comprehensive assessment that measures college readiness, a good practice test for the SAT, and a determining factor in whether or not a student is qualified to receive duel credits for specific courses beginning in their junior year.  He went on to explain the logistics on the day of the test, as well as the subjects covered on the test which include:  Reading, Writing/Language and two different Math sections.  He also explained how important it is to leave cell phones in lockers and to come prepared.

Mr. Adamski moved on to the ISTEP test, which he described as the “graduation exam.”  Sophomores will take the test in the spring of this year.  “You can pass all of your classes and even get A’s in all of your classes, but if you don’t pass this exam you don’t don’t go to Ivy don’t go to any college,” he explained.  “This is critical,” he said, “there is a math portion and an English portion of the test and you need to pass both of them.”  Again, Mr. Adamski reviewed the logistics of taking the test. 

man with finger in the air beside a video screen

Mr. Adamski explains the importance of the ISTEP test given to sophomores in the spring.

The real eye-opener for sophomores was a spreadsheet that vividly showed the impact of ‘slacking’ off for just a single quarter on a student’s overall GPA.  "Many of you have asked me or Mrs. Nelson; Hey, what about my GPA?  What happens to my GPA?  How does my GPA affect me?”  The spreadsheet used an example of a four-year plan for a student.  He began by showing the 4.0 GPA and 56 credits received by a student who earned all A’s, all four years of high school.  Mr. Adamski then replaced a few of the grades in the freshman year with several C’s and B’s.  “You just didn’t care.  You were having a good time with your friends.  You flunked a few tests,” he said.  OH’s and NO’s could be heard throughout the auditorium as the graduating GPA dropped to a 3.7.  “That’s the effect of a single semester in freshman year,” said Mr. Adamski as he changed a few more grades in another semester to C’s and D’s.  The grade dropped to a 3.4.  “What does that tell you?" he asked.  Every year matters, every class matters, every assignment matters.  Even if you got all A’s for three years, if you didn’t try for just one year, your GPA is going to suffer. Your GPA shows what you do every day, what you do every week and, if you’re looking to go to Purdue or Butler or IUN, they are not going to look at you if your GPA is below a 3.5.  Colleges care about what you do day in and day out.  This year is huge, it’s an opportunity to recover from freshman year and it matters.” 

While every Hanover school utilizes “College Go Week,” programs differently, the message remains consistent throughout the Corporation.  Whether headed to college, technical training or an apprenticeship, what you do today matters.