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Fall Sports Awards 2018

“We had a great fall season, with a total of 192 athletes participating in fall sports,” said Athletic Director, Kelly Bermes as she welcomed student athletes, parents, and community members to the 2018 Fall Sports Awards program.  “We had two teams that earned Greater South Shore Conference Championships.  Boys Cross Country and Boy’s Tennis both earned titles.  This is the first time in recent history Boy’s Tennis captured that title and they did so with a new Head Coach, Eric Stark.”

lady at microphone

Athletic Director, Kelly Bermes welcomes athletes and guest to the 2018 Fall Sports Awards.

Additional new coaches added to the Hanover roster include Girls’ Volleyball Coach, Rochelle Scally and Head Football Coach, Brian Parker.  Ms. Bermes recognized Seniors by thanking them.  "You have given us four good years and represented us well.  I want to wish you the best in the future.” 

“Our greatest winners are our student athletes,” continued Ms. Bermes.  “You often hear me say that our student athletes are students first and athletes second.  I mean that, and that is why we give an award for the team with the highest grade point average (GPA),” explained Ms. Bermes.  “We had two teams that were very close when it came to this award.  The second place team, and it was close, was our Girls Cross Country team with a 3.62 team GPA.  They were edged out by Boy’s Tennis with a 3.68 team GPA.”  The overall GPA for all fall sports was a very healthy 3.29.  “As you can see, our kids are working hard in the classroom and hard in their sports.”

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Coach Jerry Kienzle - Girls Golf

Season Stats:  Overall 4 and 11, in conference 3 and 5.  Finished 5th in Conference Tournament and 5th in Sectionals, with one golfer, Izzy Sitkowski advancing to Regionals.

3 girls with trophies

(l to r):  Most Valuable Player and Most Improved, Izzy Sitkowski, Mental Attitude and Sportsmanship, Maddy Victor and Rookie of the Year, Sophia Sanchez

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Coach Dan Grunewald - Boys Soccer

Season Stats:  9-6-1 

boys with trophies

(L to R):  Most Valuable Player and Offensive Player of the Year, Westin Baker, Most Improved, Dillon Koontz, Rookie of the Year, Blake Rogers. Pride, Hustle Desite, Kamden Sarkey, Defensive Player of the Year, Joshua Gray and Team Player Award, Noah McWilliams

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Coach Jim Pattison - Girls Soccer

Season Stats:  11-6-1 with this season marking the 100th win for Coach Pattison in his 9 years at Hanover.  His overall record in that time is 102-52.  

7 girls with awards

(L to R) Most Valuable Player Alexis Vera, Most Improved, Madelin Kartz, Mental Attitude, Ariana Arce, Sportsmanship, Ellen Connor, Rookie of the Year, Olivia Hauge (not available for photo), Offensive Player of the Year Brianna Nirtaut, Defensive Player of the Year, Camryn Sterkowitz, and Lady Wildcat Futbal Award, Savannah Ferry.

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Coach Brian Parker - Football

Season Stats:  5 and 6 with a conference record of 3-4.  

boys with trophies

(L to R):  Most Valuable Player, Brandon Demoff, Most Improved, Tyler Fruehling, Mental Attitude, Leo Diaz, Sportsmanship, Brett Driscoll, Rookie of the Year Evan Momcilovic, Skill Player of the Year, Adam Graham, Wildcat Attitude, Connor Wotherspoon.

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Coach Rochelle Scally - Volleyball

girls with trophies

(L to R):  Most Valuable Player and Mental Attitude, Jenna Voticke, Most Improved, Abby McCampbell, Sportsmanship Kari DeYoung, and Rookie of the Year, Madelyn Opilka.

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Coach Angel Hoover - Cheerleading

SEASON STATS:  For the first time, Hanover Central High School Cheerleading squad participated in state competition.

 girls with trophies

(L to R):  Most Valuable Players, Alexia Rapacz and Brooke Zieminski, Most Improved, Maddie Koontz, Mental Attitude, Mia Forbes, Sportsmanship, Elizabeth Dinga and Rookie of the Year, Ally Holtcamp.

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Coach Eric Stark - Boys Tennis

 Season Stats:  12 and 4 overall and 6 and 0 in conference play.  GSSC Conference Champions.


boys with trophies

(L to R):  Most Valuable Player, Aiden Beilke and Jacob Schulman, Most Improved, Nathan Remaly, Mental Attitude, James Kolanowski (not available for photo), Sportsmanship, Dominick Amadio and Rookie of the Year, Ryan Muller.

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Coach Steve Foulds - Boys and Girls Cross Country


TEAM STATS:  Girls -Conference Runner Up and 5 Regional Qualifiers - Boys - GSSC Conference Champions with Regional Qualifies and Semi-State Participant.


(R to L):  Most Valuable Player, Madelin Kartz, Most Improved, Malia Butler, Mental Attitude, Maya Butler, Sportsmanship Carina Bolanos, and Rookie of the Year, Maria Davenport.

boys with trophies

(L to R):  Most Valuable Player and Mental Attitude, Bryce Noble, Most Improved, Kyle Thibideau, Sportsmanship, Cole Cameron, and Rookie of the Year Alex Arce.


The following Conference Awards were distributed by Athletic Director, Kelly Bermes:

kids on stage

1st team all-conference Volleyball --Jenna Voticke ,  Peyton Frost Boys soccer --Westin Baker, Kamden Sarkey Girls soccer -Brianna Nirtaut, Alexis Vera Girls Cross Country -- Madeline Kartz, Maria Davenport, May Butler Boys Cross Country - Bryce Noble, Cole Cameron, Eric Hasse, Alex Arce Tennis—Aiden Beilke, Jacob Schulman, Nathan Remaly Golf—Izzy Sitkowski, Football—Brandon Demoff, Tyler Fruehling, Brett Driscoll Second Team  Volleyball --Katie Jackowski Boys Soccer -- Noah McWilliams Girls Soccer—Camryn Sterkowitz Girls Cross Country -- Malia Butler, Carina Bolanos Boys Cross Country—Kyle Thibedeau Golf – Maddy Victor Football—Jack Kuiper, Adam Graham, Michael Simon Honorable Mention Volleyball--- Kari DeYoung Boys Soccer – Dillon Koontz Girls Soccer –Savannah Ferry Tennis—and Dominick Amadio

The final major award of the evening went to our Academic All Conference Athletes.  To qualify for the award the athlete must be a Senior, have a minimum 3.5 GPA, SAT score of 1100 or ACT score of 22 and rank in the top 25% of the Senior Class.  

 kids on stage

 Academic All-Conference
Volleyball --Kari De-Young, Jenna Voticke
Boys Soccer—Brandon Perderson, Westin Baker, Kanden Sarkey, Nick Harrison, Nick McCarroll
Girls Soccer –Ariana Arce, Ellen Connor
Football-- Evan Momcilovic, Samuel Momcilivic, Avi Vega


Congratulations to all of our Fall Sports athletes, coaches, parents, Booster Club Members and patrons for another exciting and successful Fall Sports season.