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Our Miss Brooks

We are never surprised when our Hanover Central High School Thespians provide the Hanover community audience with superb performances.  In fact, we have come to expect excellence each and every time.

What sometimes goes unnoticed, or unmentioned, is that 90% of the students involved in the Hanover Central High School Thespian Society are active members of more than one extracurricular club or team.  These students maintain their classwork, continue their extracurricular activities in other areas, and endure daily practices for months before a production actually hits the stage.

One of the brightest spotlights should be placed on the notion that the Thespian Society is indeed a family.  Performers, crew members, and volunteers step up and bridge gaps, encourage each other and never forget that the show must go on.

The fall production of “Our Miss Brooks,” was a delight from the opening moment when Miss Brooks, played by Ariana Arce and Miss Finch, portrayed by Rebecca Oliver discuss how much Miss Brooks is looking forward to NOT being in charge of the school play and her hopes and dreams for a vacation getaway.  Both Seniors, Ariana and Rebecca provided outstanding performances from beginning to end.  It wasn’t hard to imagine them both as high school teachers facing all of the pressures and demands of educating recalcitrant teenagers.  Nick Feldhouse, who shared the opening scene with the two teachers was perfect in his role as just one such unruly teenager.  Noah McWilliams, as Coach Hugo Longacre, who owns a sailboat, and an unexplored interest in Miss Brooks was everything we expected from a dedicated coach. 

two girls by desk

Rebecca Oliver (left) as Miss Finch, and Ariana Arce (right) as Miss Brooks made us believe they were teachers from the very first moment.  

young man by blackboard

Nick Felthouse embodied a reluctant student, basketball star and emotionally divided teenager in his role as Ted.

There is always one performance that solidifies the expert casting abilities of Thespian Society Sponsor, Steve Gustas.  This time, the over the top performance of Simone Wydra as Rhonda and Nerrisa Fezzler as Miss Audubon on Friday night were show stoppers.  To reinforce the feeling of family, the role of Miss Audbon was played with equal success by Linda Hinojosa on Saturday and Autumn Pifferetti on Sunday.  In addition, all three young ladies served as Co-Directors of the student run production of “Miss Teen Beauty Queen” on Sunday night.  The talent found in our Thespians is limitless!

two kids on stage

Simone Wydra, as Rhonda with Ted (Nick Felthouse)

two girls arguing on stage

Nerissa Fezzler, as Miss Audubon on Friday night, with our own Miss Brooks

two girls on stage

You just had to smile everytime Rhonda (Simone Wydra) was on stage unless, of course, you were Jane, her shy but extremely talented rival, portrayed by Jessica Wiersema.  

kids with bike

Even the special effects deserved applause as Taylor Aliaga (as Doris) and Nikolas Mondello (as Stanley) make it snow on stage.

two actors on stage

Cole Schultz as the beleagured Principal often seemed at odds with everyone!


....and many memorable moments made possible by the supporting cast...take a look!

two girls on stage

two girls looking sad

kids on stage

girl holding vases talking to another girl

A huge thank you to Mr. Gustas and his talented cast and crew for once again bringing a classic to the stage with hard work, dedication and, of course, family:

crew members on stage

Crew members receive the appreciation of the cast on Friday night.

Student Director – Jessica Walters

Sound Manager – Ryan Taylor

Microphone Manager/Lights – Lily Bachar

Microphone Assistants – James Miller and Allison Furman

Sound – Owen Taylor

Costumes – Simone Wydra

T-Shirt Design – Austin Seymour

cast taking a bow

Stage Crew:  Lily Bachar, Tiffany Lange, Jade Westerhoff, Hailey Doeden, Kevin Doeden, Eva Holm, MacKenzie Shepard, Jaron Rodriguez, Tyler Mason, Hope Huyser, Corinne Meekma, Hailey Palomo, Allison Furman, Jordan Brown, James Miller, Thea Puente, Maddy Plant, Michaela, Farrell, Cameron Johnson, Owen Taylor, Ryan Taylor and Ernie Heiser.

Cast:  Ariana Arce, Rebecca Oliver, Noah McWilliams, Nerissa Fezzler, Linda Hinojosa, Autumn Pifferetti, Oliva Sroka, Paige Kubiak, Jessica Wiersema, Kylie McAllister, Taylor Aliaga, Madison Sulek, Ashley Owen, Simone Wydra, Nick Felthouse, Nick Mondello, Cody Donovan, Sarah Piepho, Michael Haskell, Jacob Dinga, Cole Schultz and Michael Vega. 

couple taking a bow

One final bow for Coach Longacre and Our Miss Brooks!