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Limitless Pride

One of the most rewarding measures of being involved in education is watching the passion and talents of our students as they become young adults at Hanover Central High School. 

One of the individuals who stepped through the doors of HCHS some time ago and began to mesmerize us with her talent is Katie Sivak.  As a Freshman in April of 2016, Katie and several of her fellow students brought us joy with their art accomplishments and competition successes.  As a Sophomore, Katie’s success began to grow and we had an opportunity to talk with her about her talent and her future.  The story, “Creepy and Talented” remains available under the Headline stories on our Corproation website.  Katie didn’t stop there.  In the summer of 2017 her passion and talent were nurtured in a two week program at the Art Institute of Chicago in the Early College Program Summer Institute.  The summer residency program allows high school students to earn college credit, but perhaps more importantly to take a taste of a much larger world outside their hometown.  We brought you that story on the Hanover Central High School web page as the Headline story “Freedom.”

It comes as no surprise that Katie has once again started off the competitive art season with a host of recognition.   In the 2019 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan Art Region, Katie has received the highest award possible, a Gold Key, for her sculpture, ‘Apathetic Compliance.'  Only 5% to 7% of all regional submissions receive Gold Key recognition. 

picture of a sculpture and a painting Award winning Sculpture 'Apathetic Compliance' and oil paiting 'Melt Down,' by Katie Sivak

But…there’s more…six of Katie’s other submissions, oil paintings, received Silver Key awards, the second highest recognition and her portfolio, "Introspection of the Mind" placed in the top 4 in the competition. Two additional sculptures received Honorable Mentions. 

Katie’s Gold Key sculpture, 'Apathetic Compliance,' is currently being reviewed at the national level in New York City.  The national Medalists will be announced on March 13th.  The Sculpture is also being considered for additional awards that will be announced at the February 3rd Award Ceremony in South Bend, Indiana.

We’ve featured a selection of Katie’s award winning work below and our congratulations to Katie and pride in her accomplishments are boundless. 

painting of a bird

Requium For The Lost

painting entitled tenacles


painting of a weird fish

Wierd Fish

painting of a woman and child

Without Malice