Dear Hanover families,  

It is my sincerest hope that you and your family are healthy and safe during this time.  I personally miss the opportunity to communicate and share physical space with our students, staff, and members of the Hanover family, and I am sure that you do as well.  To our parents, Spring Break, albeit probably much different than you had planned, has come to an end. If you were fortunate enough to find fun activities to share with your families, as I did, I am exceedingly happy for you.  Perhaps taking a walk with your pet, cooking and baking, playing games and enjoying family dinners brought back memories of your own childhood and provided memorable moments for your children to carry forward.  

We will continue with e-learning in the days ahead.  The events that were previously scheduled and are now on hold remain unchanged.  There are no dates and/or events that can currently be definitively determined. There is an opportunity, however, for us to provide a glimmer of hope to all of our students and especially the Class of 2020.  If an event can occur at a later date, it will indeed happen. I will be working on alternate plans with others within the district. 

Please know that you, Graduate of the Class of 2020, were born the year the Twin Towers fell and will complete your high school education under the cloud of a worldwide pandemic.  Your experience and the world you have grown up in has hopefully made you stronger, more determined, and more compassionate to serve and benefit the world in the years to come. I am proud of you.

In closing, the heart of Hanover is comprised of students, staff and families.  Please continue to take care of yourselves and one another. Though we are physically apart, we remain united and proud to be HC.

Mary MacAulay