Dear Hanover Families,

It is important to share the following information with you.  Concerns were raised over the summer regarding finances for Jane Ball and Red Cedars PTO Organizations. Minimally, it has been determined that over $37,500 has been stolen. It is believed that the amount is greater than that. PTOs are separate entities that are not run by the schools. However, this is very disturbing and a matter that the Hanover Community School Corporation Board of Trustees and the Superintendent, Dr. MacAulay, take very seriously.  Therefore, the matter is being investigated by the CLPD.

As a result of these concerns, more stringent procedural safeguards have been put in place for all organizations within the District to ensure that nothing of this nature occurs again. Theft is a crime, but stealing from our students is unconscionable.

The work done to benefit students is no small undertaking and is greatly appreciated. It is also of critical importance that our families and community partners have a sense of security and trust in HCSC organizations. Many of the activities that benefit our students are a direct result of the generosity of our families. Therefore, the PTO organizations in both of these buildings will be dissolved and new organizations formed. It is important to note that members of the existing 2023-2024 PTO Board at Jane Ball will remain intact.

Please rest assured that our students will not miss out on any events or opportunities during this restructuring. Thank you for your continued partnership and faith in our district. 


Dr. Mary MacAulay