• School Bus Drivers/Aides are to have control of all school children while on the bus.  The drivers/aides shall keep order, maintain discipline among the children on the bus, and treat all children in a civil manner.
    While the children are in drivers/aides care will see that no child is mistreated and uphold all safety measures.

    School Bus Drivers/aides shall assure that the following regulations are observed by all passengers:
    No Cell Phones are to be used on the bus unless they are muted or with headphones turned down low. Cell Phones will be confiscated until the end of said Route. 
    No pictures or videos are to be taken.
    Each student shall be seated immediately, facing forward in the designated areas upon entering the bus.
    No student shall stand or move from seat to seat during the trip.
    Loud or profane language, gestures or indecent conduct shall not be tolerated.
    Students shall not be allowed to bully, tease, scuffle, trip, hold, hit, or use their hands, feet or body in any objectionable manner.
    Fighting or play fighting will not be tolerated. Fighting will be an automatic suspension from the bus.
    Students are to remain seated until the bus comes to a stop and the doors are opened. 
    All students who are required to cross a highway before boarding or while leaving a school bus shall move at least 10 feet in front of the bus before crossing the highway.
    Students should be waiting at their designated boarding stop when the school bus arrives.  Generally, buses will run very close to the same time each day but each student should be at the designated bus stop 5 minutes before the bus usually arrives.
    Students are required to ride the bus that they are assigned. Changing buses in an emergency will be allowed only by “Student Bus Pass” issued from the Principal or Transportation Director.
    Busing changes will not be permitted for such activities as parties, childcare, scouts group projects, athletic practices, etc.
    Students causing problems on the bus may face suspension from riding to and from school. 
    No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus. Water only can be drunk on hot days.
    No vaping or smoking is allowed on the bus.
    No animals may be transported to or from school by bus.
    No wheeled backpacks, large items, large band instruments, oversized athletic bags, projects or items that could be harmful to others, damage property of others and/or the school bus are not allowed on the bus.
    No objects, body parts or yelling outside of the bus windows.
    No medication, except authorized inhalers and Epi-pens will be allowed to be transported to or from school by students riding Hanover Community School Corporation buses.
    Water balloons, eggs, shaving cream, squirt guns, skates, roller blades, boards, laser pointers or any objects deemed inappropriate will not be allowed on the bus. Any such items brought on the bus will be confiscated by the driver/aide.
    Any destruction of the school bus, poking holes, ripping, slicing, writing on the seats/bus or breaking of windows will be the parents financial responsibility for repairs.

    If any student disobeys these rules, the following actions will take place:
    1st Incident:  A written warning will be mailed or a phone call to the parent/guardian.
    2nd Incident: A written warning will be mailed or a phone call to the parent/guardian.
                          An  in-school suspension under the direction of the Principal will be served
    3rd Incident:  The student will be suspended from riding the bus for a minimum of 2 days and
               parents will be required to provide transportation to and from school
    4th Incident:  A student will be suspended from the bus for 5 days. 
    5th Incident:  A student will be suspended from riding for up to 2 grading periods. When the student   
                          returns he/she will remain on probation for up to 2 additional quarters.